Hello, I am coach Spells
I am very honored to be able to serve the many families and athletes from through-out the central coast and surrounding areas. 

 About our Program:    

Speed Development is a track and field club created to develop an athlete’s proper sprinting mechanics and multi-directional movement. Speed Development’s training methods will help your athlete develop the necessary multi-directional skills to enable your athlete to also compete on an even playing field with track and field and other sports activities.    

All Speed Development athletes will receive age specific training and conditioning for their relevant level of performance. Speed Development athletes are required to commit to excellence not only on the track, but in the classroom, and in our community. Speed Development is a very demanding program with very high expectations. This program is very structured and is not for every athlete or for every family.  

Coach J L Spells 
2480 Falcon Drive,
Paso Robles, Ca; 93446
This is where our athletes go after high school and the list is growing!
North Illinos OL Brain Woodard